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Kwik Kerb edging is produced in 3 simple stages – Preparation, Laying, and Finishing. Our highly trained team is able to complete each stage quickly and efficiently, giving you the best quality Kerbing on the market today.

Preperation concrete curbing

Preperation is critical to how the finished kerbing will apear. For areas that are already grassed, the design is marked out on the grass using marking paint. The unwanted grass is then removed using the edge-prep machine. This machine enables us to remove grass to a consistent depth. The trench is then finish graded and checked for proper compaction of native soil.

Extruding concrete curbing

Extruding is where the Kerbing begins to take shape. In the mixer, ingredients are added to complete the concrete mixture used to lay Kwik Kerb. The concrete is then loaded into the Edge master machine to begin the extrusion process. Adjustments are made for height and steering when required. Once the Kerbing has been extruded, associates ensure that the sloping is correct and the Kerbing is smoothed with one of our proprietary trowls.

Finishing concrete curbing

Finishing is the process where the Kwik Kerb is colored, stamped, sealed and completed. Depending on the style of Kwik Kerb chosen, Eurostyle the colorhardner is trowled into the surface, or Eurobrick the color compound is sprayed on. The Kwik Kerb is then stamped with the release color and pattern selected by the home owner. Now the Kwik Kerb is sealed with a UV protectant sealer and completed.