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The world leader in continuous concrete edging.

Kwik Kerb® edging is the benchmark in landscape edging worldwide. It the ideal way to create functional and attractive borders around garden beds and along driveways. Once you have it in your garden you will wonder why you didn’t have it installed sooner. There’s never been a finishing touch like Kwik Kerb®.
Kwik Kerb® is the ideal product for:

Garden edging, retaining soil, water and mulch.
Mower strips and swimming pool edges.
Driveway and paving borders.
Car park areas and wheel stops.
Garden island edges and landscape contour design.

Benefits of Kwik Kerb® edging.

We offer patterns and finishes that are exclusive to Kwik Kerb®.
Quick to lay. Most domestic jobs are finished in a day.
Many natural colors available to suit your landscape features.
Hand-finished appeal providing individuality and practicality to your landscaping.
Strength and durability of extruded concrete.
Adds prestige, visual appeal and value to your property.
Minimizes water use by retaining mulch where it is needed.

Exclusive Kwik  Kolor finish.

Kwik Kerb® edging uses an exclusive Kwik Kolor process to create a prestigious, long lasting and visually appealing finish. Kwik Kolor is superior to painted finishes. It is harder than concrete and it is sealed to give a durable, stain resistant and attractive finish to the edge.


Kwik Kerb® is the ideal product for creating attractive borders around all types of garden beds. The addition of Kwik Kerb® turns your landscape into a showpiece by adding visual appeal, color, contour and texture. Kwik Kerb® keeps soil, rock and mulch where it is meant to be and helps with water retention – making it a “green” product. It creates a distinct barrier between your lawn and your garden bed, making it much easier and less time consuming to trim your lawn edges.

Driveways and Paths

All over the world, the same problems with driveways exist. A clear definition between the edge of the driveway is required and Kwik Kerb® does this job perfectly. Kwik Kerb® also solves water run-off head aches and retains mulch where it belongs – in the beds.

Kwik Kerb® continuous concrete curbing can make a dramatic improvement to any area from a functional and aesthetic point of view. It defines the path edges and adds functional beauty which is what Kwik Kerb® is all about. Just imagine what can be done at your property with Kwik Kerb®!

Edging Paved Areas

The addition of Kwik Kerb® concrete edging to paved areas always looks fabulous. The range of Kwik Kerb® styles and finishes blend so well with the intricate patterns the pavers make. By using a suitable color, the concrete edging looks like it was meant to be there. The concrete edging also ensures that pavers never loosen along the edges as they are encapsulated in the concrete as it is laid. When planning a paved area in your garden, consider Kwik Kerb® as the final finishing touch!

Commercial Edging

Different carpark styles have been installed by Kwik Kerb® worldwide since 1987. Architects and specifiers often include Kwik Kerb® concrete carpark curbing in their parking lot designs, based on these dimensions. A special concrete mix is used and in most cases the curb is extruded over rebar to ensure it remains where it is positioned. If required, a special compound is also applied to the concrete or asphalt surface, prior to the Kwik Kerb® concrete carpark curb being placed. Our special system of installation has been tried and tested for many years, so you can be assured of a first class, lasting result!

Wheel Blocks

Concrete wheel blocks are commonly used in parking lots to control how far the driver can enter the parking spot. Excellent concrete wheel blocks can be installed by Kwik Kerb® for this purpose. Steel pins anchor the wheel blocks to the asphalt or concrete and a special bonding adhesive also makes sure they stay put. This makes sure that the concrete wheel block should survive the kind of treatment they are often dealt in a public car park.

Golf Courses

For nearly two decades, golf courses have chosen Kwik Kerb® as their choice of borders for cart paths, parking lots and general landscape curbing for around the clubhouse and tee boxes. Kwik Kerb® is both versatile and economical with many profile shapes to suit every purpose. Kwik Kerb® enhances the beauty of a course while providing a functional boundary to control wandering carts etc. The addition of Kwik Kerb® makes trimming the grass to the edge of the cart path much easier, also reducing maintenance time and noise.

For a more enhanced looking border for golf course cart paths, Kwik Kerb® Eurostyle® concrete edging can be chosen. A large range of colors, patterns and styles are available to suit any course.